Using your voice

Five vocal vices to avoid in presentations

Vocal technique is one of the three ‘pillars’ of effective presentations, the other two being content and body language. In the best presentations there is a pleasing congruence between the three pillars, with voice and body language supporting and reinforcing the words being uttered. In the worst there is a jarring dissonance between content and delivery, which makes a presentation very hard to follow, understand and remember.…

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Harness the power of the pause

As a communication skills trainer, the vocal fault I observe more than any other is – failure to pause.

There are plenty of other vocal infelicities I am called on to correct, such as:

  • flat, uninflected voices that utterly fail to engage;
  • voices that rise at the end of sentences in the manner popularised by Australian soaps (usually a female fault, this one);
  • voices that tail away at the end of sentences (usually because in his/her head, the speaker has moved on to the next thought).
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