About us

Clearsay is owned and led by Isabel Walker, an award-winning former journalist whose expertise lies in helping people to communicate clearly and with high impact to different audiences. She works with businesses, health professionals, not-for-profit and public sector organisations at national and international level.

After a first career as a health journalist and editor, working for high-profile UK newspapers and magazines (including The Daily Mail and The Sunday Telegraph), Isabel co-founded the UK patient advocacy group Action on Pre-eclampsia (APEC), which she led from 1992 to 2000.

Her training in key message development, media and presentation skills and storytelling for business draws on her unique expertise as a writer, editor, campaigner and educator.

Isabel won awards for medical journalism (in 1979), for co-authoring the book Pre-eclampsia: The Facts (in 1994) and for APEC’s Annual Report (in 1996). In 1995 she was awarded Options Magazine ‘Woman of Commitment’ for her work in founding and developing the organisation.

Isabel is also a qualified Professional Personal Performance Coach, having graduated with distinction from The Coaching Academy. For more detailed information see her Linked-in profile.

Associate and foreign-language trainers

Although she works alone when training individuals and small groups, Isabel can call on a wide range of experienced associates for help with large projects, to deputise for her when appropriate, and to provide training in foreign languages, including French, German, Spanish and Italian.