Message development

Effective key message development is probably the most important tool in the strategic communications box.

Consistent and powerful key messages should be at the heart of all corporate communications, from strategic plans to press releases, from shareholder reports to marketing pitches, from interviews to presentations.

Key messages have most impact when they are:

  • few in number – three is ideal
  • clearly and simply expressed, however sophisticated the audience
  • supported by compelling evidence, examples, stories or statistics.

‘To simplify complications is the first essential of success’
George Earle Buckle

The problem with leaving message development to internal experts is that their detailed knowledge often works against clarity and simplicity of expression.

That’s where Clearsay comes in: we work with marketing executives to cut through the detail, the data and the management jargon to create high-impact corporate messages that help raise profile and build market share.

Our training for groups and individuals is tailored to requirements, but usually includes:

  • defining and refining messages so that they form a logical ‘story flow’
  • testing the messages against likely questions and objections
  • testing them further through role-play interviews and Q&A sessions.

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