Welcome to Clearsay!

Isabel Walker’s training helped to give our academic staff confidence in their presentation skills and, perhaps more importantly, enabled us to reflect on the way we present information to an increasingly diverse audience.

— Paul Middleton
In this digital era of YouTube videos, PowerPoint presentations, podcasts and 24-hour news coverage there has never been so much emphasis on spoken communication – or so much scope for getting it wrong.

Skilled speakers can raise profile, burnish reputation and build support. Poor speakers can do a lot of damage to themselves and their organisations.

Speech is power; power to persuade, to convert, to compel
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Clearsay, as the name suggests, is all about communicating clearly, powerfully and effectively through the spoken word.  Director Isabel Walker and her associates work with business leaders in the private, public and community sectors, UK and worldwide, to develop and improve their spoken communication skills for use in presentations, media interviews and meetings of all kinds.

Our tailor-made, practical, results-based training courses include media skills, presentation skills, corporate message development and storytelling for business.

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