Media training

Maybe you have a good story to tell – a new product or service or idea that should stimulate public interest and boost your profile along with your bottom line.  Or maybe you have bad news you’d rather keep to yourself – a failed initiative, a safety issue or even a scandal that could damage your reputation.

Either way the chances are that you will need to grapple with that hydra-headed beast the media.

A well-run media campaign can give you unrivalled access to stakeholders, opinion-formers and decision-makers you could never hope to reach on your own.

Dealing with the media is more difficult than bathing a leper
Mother Teresa

But engaging with the media without training is like going into battle without armour or playing chess against a master without knowing the rules of the game. You could not only fail but do yourself more harm than good.

Clearsay’s expert media trainers and coaches – all highly experienced current or former journalists – provide bespoke training and coaching to help you engage effectively with print, broadcast and online media.

Our training, for individuals or groups, is tailored to requirements but can include:

  • preparation for media engagement, including key message development
  • print and broadcast Interview practice, filmed for feedback purposes
  • expert support with media campaigns, including preparation of news releases.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you play the media game – and win!