Presenting Personal Brand


Discover and articulate your ‘unique value proposition’

When introducing themselves to colleagues and stakeholders, most executives don’t go beyond the basics of their job description – title, role, duties and accountability.

But a job description is so generic that it could apply to any number of people. And it says nothing about your core purpose, your talents, skills and experience, the special qualities you bring to your team and company, and the problems you are uniquely equipped to solve.

Clearsay’s exclusive and highly rated self-presentation workshop is designed to help professionals understand and articulate their ‘unique value proposition’ so they can present themselves with pride and confidence to a range of audiences.

The workshop is particularly useful for individuals and companies facing change and transition because it motivates staff, builds team and corporate pride and loyalty and strengthens messaging to internal and external stakeholders.

The workshop includes elements of traditional presentation skills but focuses particularly on first impressions, the need to adapt to and interact with different audiences, and the crucial role of non-verbal communication.

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