Presentation skills training

Presentations have replaced most conversations in corporate life. These days, whether you are preparing for an interview, pitching for funds, briefing your Board or talking to wider audiences about your organisation, the chances are that you will have to prepare and deliver a presentation.

For many people the ability to stand up and speak in public, with or without slides, has a major bearing on career progression and success. Yet dread of public speaking is so widespread that it consistently outranks other fears – even fear of dying!

The good news is that anyone can learn to give powerful, effective and memorable presentations. All it takes is a bit of training – and a lot of practice.

‘Before there were presentations, there were conversations, which were a little like presentations but used fewer bullet points and no one had to dim the lights’
Ian Parker, The New Yorker, 2001

Clearsay’s expert presentation skills trainers provide bespoke training and follow-up coaching to help you achieve your full potential as a speaker.

Our training, for individuals and groups, is tailored to requirements, but can include:

  • preparation for presentations, including key message development, storytelling and structure, and tips for working with slides
  • filmed presentation practice with expert feedback
  • help with handling questions and objections.

Contact us today and take the first step towards becoming a skilled, confident presenter.