How to be persuasive in 3 simple steps

How to be persuasive in three simple steps

 Of all the forms of torture inflicted in corporate life, Death by PowerPoint is the most pervasive.

It’s not just because the software encourages a lazy approach to presenting, with the speaker usually playing a poor supporting role to slides loaded with text, dripping with bullet points and peppered with impossibly complex visuals.

It’s also because PowerPoint presentations tend to rely on factual information alone to convey their messages and move their audiences to action.…

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Why storytelling is good for business


I’m wandering around this folly of a nineteenth century castle unsure, as always, what to look at and why. Over here is a bunch of family photos; over there, just beyond some priceless antiques, are a group of landscape paintings, some of them ‘originals’. There are the usual rooms laid out just as they were when the family lived there, fabulous views of endless grounds and the odd thing to laugh at, such as the child’s ‘rocking potty’.

My eyes glaze over with the effort of appearing interested.…

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