‘Dealing with the media is more
difficult than bathing a leper’

That’s what Mother Teresa said – and she had plenty of experience with lepers!

Great media interviews can raise profiles, enhance reputations, advance careers and build market share. Bad ones can do untold damage to individuals and their organisations. Just take a look at some of these shameful examples that will probably haunt their authors on YouTube for years to come:

Ed Milliband repeats himself again…and again


Natalie Bennett ‘car crash’ interview


Emma Harrison picks a fight on TV


Clearsay, owned and led by former Fleet Street journalist Isabel Walker, gives individuals and groups the skills they need to engage with media for win: win. That means giving the journalist a story that will appeal to his audience, while transmitting positive messages about your organisation that will impress your stakeholders.

Our courses are tailored to requirements, but core elements always include:

  • Introduction to the world of journalists – what they look for in a story, how to get positive coverage, and tried-and tested-techniques for controlling interviews
  • One-to-one practice interviews on camera, based on real scenarios and followed by detailed expert feedback
  • A totally foolproof interview preparation exercise designed to create a powerful message ‘story flow’ for use in response to any conceivable question.

Our many satisfied clients include top-level pharmaceutical company executives, opinion-leading doctors, charity chiefs and university academic staff.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you leverage your media encounters for the benefit of your brand.

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